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White Van

Fleet Pricing

Basic Maintenance 5K Miles-10K Miles-15K Miles e.t.c

Oil Change

Regular Starts at $55

Synthetic Starts at $ 140

Oil Change Synthetic Blend-Starts At 39.95

Oil Change Fully Synthetic Starts At 79.95

Large Van Fleet Wash

Large Van Fleet Wash Starts at $30

Discount Pricing On Flatbed Towing

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Tire Replacement 

Tire Replaement Starts at $ 163.00(mount/balance included)

Step Rails

Step Rails Starts at $360 with Install

Tire Rotation

Tire Rotation Starts at $40

Brake Service

Front Brake Pad Replacement-Starts at $145.00

Rear Brake Pads Replacement-Starts at $160.00

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